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Eiffel Tower, Paris

Portugal is "central" for French companies

French companies are increasingly looking to Portugal to expand their businesses and enter new markets.
In News, Portugal, Business, Europe - 30 Sep 2022, 19:05

Portuguese with dual nationality in Russia may be called to war

In News, Portugal, World - 29 Sep 2022, 10:03

Air France increases capacity in Portugal

In News, Tourism, Europe - 28 Sep 2022, 08:02


EuropeUnited KingdomNorth AmericaSouth AmericaAsiaAfrica

Lottery win regret

A lottery winner from India has said that he regrets the win after being overwhelmed by requests for money since hitting the...
In Asia, World - 27 Sep 2022, 19:31

Still no Visa Waiver

Romania still does not meet the criteria for entering the US Visa Waiver Programme...
In Europe, World - 27 Sep 2022, 18:31

Corruption uncovered

In Asia, World - 27 Sep 2022, 16:31

Film makers found guilty

In Europe, World - 27 Sep 2022, 14:31

Paid to live in Sardinia

In Europe, World - 27 Sep 2022, 13:31

Too hot for holidays

In Europe, World - 27 Sep 2022, 08:31

Second hand car boom

In Europe, World - 26 Sep 2022, 19:31

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Unmissable international acts coming to Portugal

2023 is the year for fantastic and unmissable concerts, with Lisbon being the place to be for top international acts.
In Portugal, Lifestyle, Music - 30 Sep 2022, 16:01

When numbers finally made sense to a language addict

I was never much into numbers, until I was told they told stories. And so numbers spoke...
In Curiosity , Education

Train smarter, not harder!

With minimal time investment, EMS provides great results and promises to improve your...
In Lifestyle, Sport, Algarve


Fruit "highly contaminated" with pesticides

Autumn fruit in Europe, including Portuguese, is “highly contaminated” with dangerous pesticides, according to a report by...
In News, Portugal, Europe - 27 Sep 2022, 10:03

Why not take a balmy trip to Andalusia?

Escape the stress of rising fuel bills at the new Club Med Magna Marbella resort,...
In Travel, Europe - 27 Sep 2022, 09:01

Toxic air pollution

In Europe, World - 26 Sep 2022, 18:31

€350 for cancelled flights

In Europe, World - 26 Sep 2022, 17:31

Spain agrees not to cut water to Portugal

In News, Portugal, Europe - 22 Sep 2022, 18:03

Editor's Choice

“Uniting the country” with new high speed rail link

In News, Portugal - 28 Sep 2022, 13:04

United Kingdom

Portuguese in UK vent frustration

Portuguese nationals in the UK have voiced their frustration at the online service to book appointments at consulates. 
In News, United Kingdom - 26 Sep 2022, 14:05

New flight between Cardiff and Faro

Low cost airline Ryanair has announced a new winter route between Cardiff in Wales and...
In News, Portugal, Tourism, United Kingdom, Algarve - 25 Sep 2022, 17:03

Final flight of Queen Elizabeth II tracked by 5 million

In News, United Kingdom - 14 Sep 2022, 16:36

King Charles III addresses the nation

In United Kingdom - 09 Sep 2022, 20:48

North America

Introducing the new American Desk

In recent years, the number of American expats moving to Portugal has increased dramatically. 
In Business, North America - 23 Sep 2022, 08:01

President visiting Portuguese-American communities in California

The President of the Republic, Marcelo Rebelo de Sousa, is visiting the...
In News, Portugal, North America - 22 Sep 2022, 11:09

Barack Obama wins Emmy for documentary series narration

In North America - 06 Sep 2022, 18:02

Safe & Secure, Portugal Becoming A Sanctuary For Expats

In Portugal, North America - 06 Sep 2022, 17:01

South America

Portugal and Brazil united

Marcelo Rebelo de Sousa said that Portugal and Brazil are united countries due to the similarities of their territories, while...
In South America, Portugal - 10 Sep 2022, 18:02

Loan of the heart of D. Pedro renews "historical ties"

The preserved heart of Portugal’s King Dom Pedro IV is to be loaned by Portugal to...
In News, Portugal, South America - 22 Aug 2022, 16:04

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Cheetahs reintroduced

The Prime Minister has reintroduced cheetahs to the country for the first time since they became officially extinct in 1952...
In Asia, World - 21 Sep 2022, 13:31

Babysitting boom

The monthly salaries of child carers has skyrocketed in Turkey, now ranging from $550 to...
In Asia, World - 21 Sep 2022, 12:31

Don’t touch foreigners

In Asia, World - 21 Sep 2022, 11:31

Going flat

In Asia, World - 21 Sep 2022, 09:31

Lumpy Skin Disease

In Asia, World - 13 Sep 2022, 19:31

Pop star released

In Asia, World - 13 Sep 2022, 18:31

Prefab bridge success

In Asia, World - 13 Sep 2022, 17:31

Chinese lockdown traps residents during earthquake

In Asia, World - 09 Sep 2022, 17:31


Portugal moves forward with recruiting Moroccan workers

Portugal and Morocco have launched the foundations of a pilot project for 400 Moroccan workers to come work this year in...
In News, Portugal, Africa - 27 Sep 2022, 19:05

Direct flight from Egypt to Portugal on the cards

The final steps in setting up a direct flight connection between Portugal and Egypt is...
In News, Portugal, Africa - 18 Sep 2022, 13:03

PM’s official visit to Mozambique ends today

In Portugal, Africa - 02 Sep 2022, 12:01

Portuguese in Angola sending money home

In Africa, Economy - 21 Aug 2022, 11:02

Tackling the Marathon Des Sables

In Good News, Africa - 19 Mar 2022, 09:00

Other World Articles

Europe green lights Portuguese fuel tax reduction

The European Commission has approved the request made by Portugal to temporarily go...
In News, Portugal, Europe, Politics - 22 Sep 2022, 16:05

Dutch raise minimum wage to €1,931

The government of the Netherlands has announced a 10% increase in the minimum wage.
In News, Europe - 22 Sep 2022, 12:48

€5.2 billion for hydrogen project

The European Commission has approved a project of 5.2 billion euros for the construction...
In News, Portugal, Europe - 22 Sep 2022, 09:04

Marcelo avoiding municipal interference

Portugal confirms “total commitment” to NATO

The President of the Republic has reaffirmed Portugal’s “total commitment” to NATO,...
In News, Portugal, World - 21 Sep 2022, 18:03

Most engaged workers

Romanian workers are the most engaged in Europe according to Gallup’s State of Global...
In Europe, World - 21 Sep 2022, 10:31

Crocodile attack

A man was attacked by a crocodile while attending a party in Stockholm.  
In Europe, World - 21 Sep 2022, 08:31

Preparing for election

In Europe, World - 20 Sep 2022, 19:31

Most wanted arrested

In Europe, World - 20 Sep 2022, 18:31

60 year old “Spider-Man”

In Europe, World - 20 Sep 2022, 17:31

McCanns “disappointed” with court ruling

In News, Portugal, Europe - 20 Sep 2022, 17:07

Porsche valuation

In Europe, World - 20 Sep 2022, 16:31

Town sues Twitter

In Europe, World - 20 Sep 2022, 15:31